Chaotic Evil Goddess of Disease, Poison and Plagues


Talona (pronounced tah-LOW-nah), the Lady of Poison, Mistress of Disease, and Mother of All Plagues was the goddess of poison and disease. Talona was depicted as an old crone who brought misfortune and death. On the other hand she could also be depicted as a beautiful and innocent woman.


Not much is known about this Deity. She rose to power for a short time before the great spell plague and during the upheaval became lost in the chaos. Many have pronounced her dead and her temple in the city of Tashluta sank beneath the waves during the spellplague. All that is left of the land of Tashalar that once revered her is an archipelago of small islands at the southern end of Faerun.

Talona allied with Loviatar and despised Chauntea, Mielikki, Kelemvor, and Tyr. She disliked Ilmater for the cures he found.

Talona’s followers scarred or tattooed themselves in horrible ways. They wore ragged gray-green robes and were expected to go about quietly and seek out new diseases. Her priests carried daggers dipped in poison.

Followers of Talona experienced pain as if it were pleasure. They believed death was more powerful than life, though they were equal in balance. They followed the dictum: Work in her name and let your doings be subtle or spectacular.


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